For most pet owners, the suggestion that they use tongs to handle their animals seems silly. But if you own snakes, there’s a good chance they can help you. After all, even the most docile snakes can be problematic from time to time. Getting them used to being handled and fed from snake tongs decreases the chance of an accident. Here’s a look at some of the situations that are right for snake tongs, and when you should use them. Below you there are a few options if you need to know where to buy snake tongs. After reading this you should understand why so many people use snake tongs.


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Feeding Your Snakes

Many people feed their animals by hand. Most of the time, dropping prey into reptile cages with your bare hand doesn’t result in any problems. But even tiny snakes can make a mistake. If your reptile start associating your hand with food, there’s a chance that it’ll bite you before it’s even realized what it’s doing. After all, snakes often strike first, and think later.

Most constrictor bites aren’t likely to be damaging to you, but they can hurt the snake. Plus, no one likes to be bitten. Feed your animals prekilled prey using tongs, and you cut down on the risk of being bitten, stressing your snake, and treating your reptile for tooth loss. Feeding with tongs is just a smart idea.

Handling Your Snakes

Handling your animals with snake tongs is a little less common than tong feeding, but it’s still smart. This is the way most zoos and professionals handle their snakes, and for good reason. Even snakes that don’t associate human hands with food may attack something moving quickly in their cage, especially if they sense that it’s warm.

Using tongs to remove animals from reptile cages means that you don’t end up being bitten. This is a particularly big concern for larger snakes. Tongs can also help you handle snakes that don’t have a great attitude. Not every snake requires tong handling, but some of them are going to. It’s a good idea to have the tools on hand before you need them.

Which Tongs To Use?

By now you probably see there are good reasons to use snake tongs. Some people use regular kitchen tongs but for handling, special snake tongs are required. Be sure that you use the right size for your snake and for your reptile cages. A small, twenty-five inch tong will work just fine for many snakes, but it’s not the right choice for a full grown Burmese in a deep tank. You may also wish to use rubber cushions for your tongs to make them more comfortable for your snake.

Just remember to observe basic safety rules with any snake, especially the bigger ones. Remember, your reptiles aren’t always thinking clearly. They react on instinct. It’s up to us to keep ourselves and them safe. Fortunately, as long as you make sure you take a few basic precautions and handle your snake right, you won’t have any problems.

Snake Tongs- Make sure you know the Real Deal from the Imposters!

Now here’s a tool that no one usually thinks about until they need one. Whether it is for a pet snake, or wild snakes that are trying to get cozy in your turf, knowing where to purchase a pair of snake tongs is something that many people are asking these days.


Look above and you can see a few options if you’re not sure where to buy snake tongs. People living in rural areas may be able to pick a pair of these babies up at the local supply store, but most of us would probably need to buy them over the internet since few stores carry a good selection of quality products.

My preference is over the internet for several reasons. First off, you can usually get a better price, have more selection to choose from, and can even check out some of the product reviews BEFORE you make a purchase. In my opinion that’s worth a few bucks in shipping (and sometimes it’s still cheaper after paying shipping).

When buying a pair of snake tongs, make sure you don’t only shop price. Shopping “VALUE”  is a totally different thing. If you save $25 on a pair of snake tongs, but they break in your hand due to shoddy materials and you get bit by the rattle snake you are holding, then they’re cheaper, but not such a great “value” after all is it. I’m not saying to go crazy spending the most you can, but check reviews, as well as price and make a wiser decision.

Keep in mind that there are different types of snake tongs for different size snakes and differing lengths. Knowing what size you might need in advance will ensure you buy the right product to meet your needs.


Dogs are undeniably the man’s best friend. They have identified many things that can please their masters and any other family members of their masters especially when playing. They can follow commands and gestures. They are able to know their master’s character and feelings. Dogs and human beings are somewhat alike. That is exactly why many people are getting passionate on having a dog. Additionally, there are different dog breeds available today. Perhaps, there is only one breed of dog beautiful and that is the Cocker Spaniel.
The Origin of Cocker Spaniel
Cocker spaniel dogs originally started from Europe. Such dog breed recognition has been identified during the fourteenth century. ”Spanyells” is the commonly used term for canines in that century. In the earlier years, there are a lot of these breeds that could be seen in Switzerland and France. However, the beginnings of spaniels was considered to be in Spain. After a while it was introduced into England as well as other countries. Throughout the 1870’s the Cocker Spaniel’s weight must be less than 25 pounds. Many people have thought about Cocker Spaniel and Springer Spaniel as one breed in the previous years. During the year 1879, proof of their distinction was identified by the Kennel Club of England. The Cocker Spaniel is classified into two; namely the American Cocker Spaniel as well as the English Cocker. Later on, these cocker breeds have become known and are separated from one another just after the announcement of the American Kennel Club. This lead to the using of the term American Cocker Spaniel while in the United States, while in various other countries, it is known as the English Cocker Spaniel.
Knowing More About the Breed of Dog
Many people has started to love the “Dog breed TOKEN” just like how they like the Cocker Spaniel. Having the idea to adopt cocker spaniels, a consideration in getting a history of the dog’s personality as well as the necessities needed is taken for you to be a good master. Bouncing on, these kind of canines possess a trait filled up with vitality, athleticism and they are also hypersensitive in nature. Additionally, they’ve got increased levels of intellectual capacity, cheerful and like to interact socially and have fun playing with several other especially the little ones. They also have this kind of liking being inside your home and also going outside and going for a stroll. Spending time for having fun playing with your puppy and providing him a walk is required. However, you must remember that, it is not great for them to be left at home by themselves as they will never stop barking around and often they even can bring about damages in your residence.
You should take into account that they are long-furred dog breeds that’s the major reason why they’re more vulnerable to getting seeds, pests, dirt and impurities within their coat. More often that not, many would take into account the cocker spaniel shedding as the disadvantage of this dog breed. A tangled fur can be carried out without having a hassle. This kind of proper care in combing its hair must be done in a daily basis. Defense against ailments is a necessity. You have to know that, the key reason why they sometimes have skin agitation, inflammations and discomfort is due to their own very long droopy ear and long fur. Being ready of the needed matters when your own Cocker Spaniel gets sick by a diseases is important.

A lot of us prefer to maintain numerous kinds of lizards as pets. There are certainly a quantity of various locations where you could get baby bearded dragons and cages for sale online. Nevertheless, it’s essential that you understand the right way before they are bought by you to maintain them. Without good care they might not stay for long.
Understand that when you purchase baby bearded dragons for sale online you’ll must have a suitable spot to maintain them once they appear. 
Glass tanks are used by Several people, but these should also possess a heat and an UV source. The ultraviolet supply assists vitamin D to be made by them alone, and heat maintains the temp like this of the normal environment within the wasteland. Because the lizards want to bask in sunlight Many choose a heat lamp over a warming mat.
For infants, you will not wish to place any kind of mud or stones within the foot of the container. Document or paper towels works better. Since stones will make it harder for them to locate their food While they reach be mature, sand is among the better choices, and within their environment they reside in places with sand. It is also fairly simple to wash the mud because the waste sections up so it’s no problem finding.
You also must make sure that you’ve got the right food available for them While you get baby bearded dragons for sale online. They’ve to consume a mixture of crickets and vegetables. Anything desires to become really small for the infants. You have to make sure that items would be the size of the area between their eyes. Green leafy vegetables (except spinach) are especially great given that they are nutrient-rich. These lizards must consume about 30 to fifty % veggies. Crickets must certainly be purchased live in the pet shop (these captured inside your lawn might be poisoned with pesticides) and subsequently belly packed. 
Therefore they deserve to be given a nutrient-rich diet for each day approximately. In this way they truly are likely to be much more healthful for your child bearded dragon. You may even need certainly to provide them with nutrient and vitamin products, but be mindful to not overload. Perhaps once weekly here is another multivitamin covering among their foods, and once daily a calcium mineral.
Besides food and protection, the infant bearded dragons for sale online will even require water. They usually often like so they may get the drips water that’s misted to their cages. 
While they grow older they can-drink from the shallow plate, but they might not do that when they are really small. Attempt misting water Two OR Three times each day, since you do not require mildew to create ensuring to not create the interior of the crate also moist.
You will be in a position to discover baby bearded dragons for sale online thru dog shop websites, in addition to breeder the web sites. It is best to obtain the ones that are in least eight months old or five inches long since these needless treatment than younger infants.